Music is the “safe” addiction, it is also life. I believe that people who understand the language of music is endowed to share and communicate it to as many people as much as one can, to benefit and heal a person or location or even a tiny atom. Music is vibration and it never stops!

I am aka Mistaken Enemy and I have a lot to teach, say and share. Music has been my passion for over a decade with teaching myself the guitar, audio production, music composition, screaming/singing, programming midi/drums and so forth…It’s time I share more knowledge and my own experiences with anybody who wants to listen and consequently inspire you to write a new song, program some drums or pick up that dusty electric guitar in the corner of the room.

The true artist is not proud: he unfortunately sees that art has no limits;


High Quality Samples/Libraries
Work Ethic/Persistence
Problem Solving/Thinking


If your looking for an epic piece or you want royalty free music, It can be arranged with reassurance that your project will have that “magic” finish with a bang! Also down below is a portfolio on some other music I have written if you wanted to get a “feel” for what I do and it could benefit your ideas in the near future


If you are the kind of person who has all these drum grooves in your head using (Guitar Pro 5) but you don’t have access to the best quality samples, I can help you make your drum tracks sound PRO sounding, or you are working on your EP and you need some massive drums that punch through the mix I have you sorted with a massive sample library


Do you have a finished record track and you know there’s something missing…(it’s probably the low end) Getting your sounds right is probably the most important part in getting it ready for release.You could slave on your music for weeks in the corner of your room but when you finally play it in the car it sounds so…BOOMY? be smart

Wow, Seriously thank you for the work you did on those drums, I will definitely recommend you to my friends

Chris, Warlock Studios

I loved those toms, also the low end on the bass was beefy as. Cheers

Matt, Home Recorder

I actually thought you re recorded this drum track in a pro studio when I first heard it. Nailed the programming! \m/

Kurt, MetalHeaven Studios

Dude I loved your work, you know how to mix better than me lol, Also the E.P sounds AMAZING overall, Great job!

Paulo, The Music Room