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In today’s metal scream tutorial I will show you (the metal screamer?) how to scream without losing your voice or damaging your vocal chords. I will also show you in this metal scream tutorial how to scream metal in pitch, exercises, and things to avoid when on the “screaming” journey. metal scream tutorial

  • metal scream tutorial

My name is Mistaken Enemy and I am an extreme METALHEAD! I have been screaming for a while now and I think I am ok at screaming. My main influences are Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Machine head etc. Pretty much Metalcore stuff with melodic singing, but we will cover clean singing in a later post. I am a self taught musician with a lot of experience in this kind of thing…


CHECK THIS OUT  to get an idea of my screams.

Lesson 1. Influences and Understanding

It is very important to first understand who is your idols in music, stop now and list 5 frontmen from bands that you really like and would like to be able to scream like (not copy). Once you have an idea of the area you want to go you can start with understanding some guidelines before we jump into the deep end and start annoying your mother with annoyance.

-If you are serious about screaming,you will practice consistently everyday. Period.

-You will make sure you don’t care what people think of you when attempting to scream your ass off.You will sound bad for about 1 year then as you go on it will just naturally sound brutal and stronger

-Take the time to warm up your vocals before screaming

Drink lots of water at all times of screaming, make sure to sip consistently though remember to breath properly at all times, otherwise you might pass out from insufficient air flow or worse!

And lastly…DON’T GET DISCOURAGED when you can’t get it at first. Everything in life takes time and applied effort. You have to really want it BAD. Stick with it! and don’t stop until you can learn a cool skill.

Things to avoid when about to scream metal

      • Milk
      • Acidic juices/softdrinks
      • Smoking
      • Cold water
      • Caffeine
      • Alcohol
      • Sugar
      • Stress

Things that are good for your throat

      • Honey
      • Warm tea
      • Room temperature water
      • Lemon juice
      • Sleep
      • Relaxed mind and body

Lesson 2. Warm ups to screaming

Singing or humming is the best way for warming up because it stretches your vocals chords and gets them in the “vibration” ready to scream. It’s like stretching before a running race you should stretch your muscles so you don’t damage them longterm. Same thing here with vocal chords they are muscles needing to be warmed up so they don’t hurt you. You want to sing along to radio songs that are in your vocal range and anything that is easy but melodic just to get your juices flowing. Do so for about 20 minutes then your good to go to screaming. Here is a good vocal warm up to start with;

Lesson 3. Breathing

Maybe I should of told you this before “warm up” but it’s alrite. For correct technique to breathing, what you want to do is breath in through your nose and mouth at the same time and expand your diaphragm out, making sure your shoulders DO NOT rise. Think your diaphragm as a balloon, you breath in to it and it expands and then you let go of the air pressure it naturally exhales back out. Same sort of principle. So when your about to sing or scream have your diaphragm full of air so then naturally your singing (exhaling) from your diaphragm. That is the “correct” way of breathing. Copeesh! metal scream tutorial


Lesson 4. Screaming

So I now assume you have learned the correct way to breath and exhale and you have warmed up for about 20-40 minutes. Now you start screaming to your favorite bands.

But how do I scream?…my throat is hurting

Here is an in depth metal scream tutorial my good friend put up to show you guys how to scream in detail.

Tips for screaming:

      • Do not force your throat in any circumstance to reach maximum vocal, you will lose your voice or end up going to get throat surgery. Be careful!
      • Drink plenty of water when screaming, other wise your throat will sound very quiet, it will feel harsh and even hurt and it will stop your practicing
      • Scream in pitch with songs, persistence is the key to success practice everyday and you will achieve your goal
      • Imitate the scream you hear on songs but add you own individuality to it, find your own voice that you feel comfortable with. Some people like highs and some low, just find your sound
      • Practice screaming when driving in your car, it might look crazy but if you are passionate enough about what you want in life, you want give a f*** about what “strangers” think of you
      • Scream for no longer than hour a day, you want to preserve your vocal chords so you can practice the next day with a well maintained throat. Don’t over do it!


Well that much said, learning how to scream is an awesome talent to have, like when I hear a pop song on the radio I will start growling the words in pitch and it sounds awesome, people around me look at me like…who is this person? But then again I don’t care what people think about my passions in life, just do it when it feels right. So go forth now and learn how to scream because its like riding a bike once you know how to do it, you always have that skill. And when you do achieve your goal you will look back and thank yourself you took action with reading this Metal Scream Tutorial lesson.Metal Scream Tutorial

If you found this info useful share it around as Karma always Comes around…🙂

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