Mistaken Enemy Metal Kit.s20 + Cubase Project File

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*If you have the Metal Machine expansion in Superior Drummer 2, you can use this preset.

Mistaken Enemy Metal Kit.s20


This preset is perfect for the home recorder or producer who doesn’t want to waste precious time mixing drums but rather load up the drums preset knowing that the user can tweak the already premixed kit anyway preferred.

Why is this preset different?

This preset was carefully mixed internally in the Superior Drummer’s mixing window ONLY.Meaning that you don’t need to use other plugins such as Cubase’s stock Compressors,Eq’s etc.The idea was that the artist could load up the kit and start recording WITHOUT worrying about the “tech” part of the music.


Ok cool,So what is in the .zip?

Included in the .zip file is the stereo and multi-out version of the preset.Multi out is a better option for mixing individual drum kit pieces on different tracks so you get a much better finished song instead of mixing all the drums on just ONE stereo out track…That is included so if the muso just wanted to open up the preset and start programming drums quickly it’s very might save a bit more time so theres more time for ideas and getting them down…Best of both worlds right?


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