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Skype Metal Guitar Lessons Australia

Skype Metal Guitar Lessons Australia                               Skype Metal Guitar Lessons Australia

skype metal guitar lessons australia

Guitar is one of the most expressive instruments where it’s very common in music and anybody can play it. It is limitless with what you can achieve with some practice and some basic recording equipment from home. The truth is that ANYBODY can do ANYTHING, it’s just a few issues that stop aspiring guitar players to actually learn the instrument. Such as; self doubt, laziness, wrong environment or maybe “not enough time”. Well in reality those  things we face can be resolved with a bit of faith and action. If students were to just tweak their mind set and put guitar learning as  number 1 priority, that is how you will quickly understand the power of focus and determination. I myself have been self taught without formal guitar lessons, I persisted on getting good with a deep understanding of guitar and music theory to better help myself create great songs and enjoy playing music. skype metal guitar lessons australia

What I am Offering

What I am offering is a one on one Skype guitar lesson for anybody who wants to learn the guitar whether that be electric or acoustic or for other advanced guitarists that want to learn music theory or just “shred” better. I will help mentor YOUR technique and correct it so you can play the best you possibly can. Every lesson you will be provided with a Guitar Pro tab of the previous lesson learnt so you can play along to the exercises which makes the journey much more interactive and goal driven. My years of mainly studying Classical/Metal guitar has been crucial in learning about advanced music theory and harmonic study, allowing me to finally share my wealth of knowledge within the music and guitar arena. skype metal guitar lessons australia

What do you want to learn?

As I have been playing a while now. I have learnt a great deal regarding music experience and improvisational skills, I can teach you;

  • Modes
  • Time signatures/Rhythm dictation
  • Ear training
  • Scales (any type)
  • Sweeps
  • Taps
  • Improvisation
  • Speed and technique
  • Chords for dropped tuning
  • Inversions for chords/arpeggios
  • and more… skype metal guitar lessons australia

What’s next?

Once you are ready to begin Skype guitar lessons, you will fill the form out and then be directed to Paypal where you will pay in advance for the hour lesson. I will get your email address and we will negotiate a time for when it is best for us to go ahead with the lesson. I usually give 20 minutes extra before the lesson to have a quick chat and sort out any technical issues. If your then happy after your first lesson and you want to continue you let me know and we will sort out payment before every lesson.

If you have to re book to another time that is fine, but email me 3 days before so I can work around the new lesson time. If you want to re book a new time within 24 hours of the lesson you will have to forfeit that lesson as I have other students that I also teach and it’s not fair to waste time when the problem didn’t have to be created in the first place. So make sure to email as soon as you know what time you want a reschedule within 3 days of the original lesson booking. Cool! skype metal guitar lessons australia

So what are you waiting for?

If you are ready to take the next step and ultimately improve your guitar/musician skills Contact now.

skype metal guitar lessons australia skype metal guitar lessons australia skype metal guitar lessons australia skype metal guitar lessons australia