Welcome to my “spiritual” page. Since I was a kid I always looked at the world out of fresh “old” eyes, keeping my mind clear and truthful I have learned a great deal in my life and I am going to share with you things I have experienced personally and not to help educate or inspire you somehow.
I Want YOU to be Aware of Your Bad Habits

Awareness of your personal truth is so critical because in order for you to manifest anything it truly comes down to how connected and open you are as a spiritual creator you are. Getting rid of unwanted habits and limited beliefs are also crucial when training your mind for the better life. Excuses are the things that happens when you defeat yourself or feel as if you have failed at something, but in truth YOU ONLY FAIL WHEN YOU QUIT! so if that is the case you must realize with your real eyes that you must be aware what you are doing wrong and how are you going to get rid of old habits and beliefs that are unfavorable. So when you find your self feeling “bad or wrong” that is when you are NOT in vibrational alignment with who you truly are.
So what do I do to fix my old ways to stop sabotaging myself and everybody else?

Be aware of how you feel and anybody else feels around you – Is the atmosphere/positive negative?
Take responsibility for your chosen action/words – be empathetic, show your sorry and know why you are sorry
Notice that we all make mistakes in life but you are growing and achieving everyday in some way – It’s O.K to mess up
Be aware when you are at that time “again” before the same old habits arise – Practice what you did the first time with the previous steps. The more you practice the more you are training yourself to be a better person everyday.

By making consistent effort in trying to break your old ways you will eventually get rid of your programmed paradigms. This is so important for spiritual growth as soon as possible because if you don’t bother helping yourself know body will help you and you will never grow and learn as you supposed to. So practice with a goal in mind such as: I will be this person in the future……

Creation is Life

I have always known the power of creativity, it serves me very well in life and music. There are two types of people in the world the first is the Creative person that loves to create anything from one’s mind and make that a reality and a person who Serves mankind by giving as much as possible when needed. They are both very powerful types of influence but the creative person is someone who loves to dream and is not afraid of stretching the mind. Dreamers have built pyramids,cities,planes,trains etc, without these extraordinary visionaries we would not happy in today’s world. The truth is that ANYBODY can create an idea,image,solution it doesn’t matter but what matters is that we have all the same equal power of creativity.

When you think of something you really want I mean you really want what do you do to help acquire it?

Well because the universe has most control over the earth and obviously our minds are the same energy, we can’t always get what we wish because we do not use the capacity of our mind power as much as the ALL MIGHTY. We are the ones who manifest anything we think of because our minds invent and idea and then as soon as that idea had been created it is then sent out to the spiritual reality to then start the process of bringing back what you thought you desired. POWERFUL! Yes the Law of Attraction is it’s name and it is very REAL. Creativity has been around for thousands of years and it is a non physical power we all inherit. We must be aware of our skills and then start believing that anything we think and believe will eventually come to us in some way it does not matter how something will find us, that is irreverent so stop worrying on the “hows” to creativity.

Here are some powerful teachings for creating unlimited potential;

Understand your current reality
Question if you want what you have
Question if you want other things or you want to be a better person?
Figure out your “WHY” – Are you sick and tired of something?
Change your mindset right away and continue to focus upon your desires until they have manifested
Take massive action with a diligent mindset
Stay consistent on your dreams ALWAYS (you will get there eventually)
Be very grateful for everything and continue to show it every time you get closer with your goals
Allow yourself happiness and joy to be free from negativity
Share with people what you are learning everyday
Love everything in the unlimited universe
They are the main points you need to do when wanting anything at all

It’s a universal layout for everything

Education on anything is crucial to ones inspired actions.I have always been pretty “spiritual” and I have always wanted to know the truth to everything. So I knew that I would need to study the Laws of the Universe. Here are some ideas that help me consistently stay inspired,keep updated with knowledge and keep my passion alive;
Videos – Youtube etc,
Blogs – There’s plenty of blogs on the internet with peoples first hand experience on things
Networking with people – Communication is powerful because it’s not hiding behind anything at all
Books – Go to libraries, your friend’s house etc.
Meditating – Being intuitive in a relaxed state means you can receive messages and information from the infinite
With education you have to be diligent and have a strong “WHY” you are doing what you are doing. It wouldn’t make sense to look up a “how to garden” blog when you want to know about “time travel” for example. Keep focused all the time on what you want to learn and keep consistent effort applied.
After a while of learning about whatever you choose you start to put your learning into action.This is one of the most important steps in becoming closer to your dreams.This is because your time and effort from learning was the sowing stages and the knowledge into action is the reaping stage,where you do things that your mind tells you to do because you are coming from your inspired actions part of the brain. That is a really good sign when you know you are on the right path.
Still wanting more?

Personal Development is a step for the beginner to the intermediate stage when they take their life seriously enough to research and consciously change their way of thinking.Entrepreneurs and famous people who have changed this world have at least come to this bridge where they know that study and applied effort is required for personal growth on a deliberate level.

Here are some highly respected individuals in the personal development world who will change your life “literally”

Bob Proctor
Abraham Hicks
Anthony Robins
Napoleon Hill
Brian Tracy
Jim Rohn

just to name a few 🙂
I have studied these peoples teachings and I have learned a lot about how the the mind and the universe are connected.It’s amazing when you look back in your life 1 year and you realize that you know so much more wisdom and truth than you did then.This is a sign that you are in fact on the right path.

Now I will leave what I have given you in your hands,I do hope that you will take action in what you are learning and look back in a year from now and say “I am glad I read that Mistaken Enemy blog and changed my life from that day on” success leaves clues and this is it.I am living proof that I am a deliberate creator of my own realty due to the fact that my life is perfect for what I want.
The spiritual side is very real and it is not scary at all you just have to open your mind to the fact that you are spiritual so STOP fighting it but embrace it.
I hope you have enjoyed my personal information on how to change your life effectively and I also encourage you to ask me any questions at all or comment below.And lastly if you have found this knowledge useful at all I suggest you share it with somebody who needs to hear this important information. 🙂
So thank you again if you made it this far 🙂 spiritual reality
Learn about the universe and the way “things just happen to work”. Ever wondered about the spiritual reality you can’t see? See what happens when you look..

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