World Percussion 2 Review

Welcome to a great sounding set of professional sounding samples based on percussion from all around the world. I am in no way affiliated with this company I just love the library that they created for us “home recorders”. So here’s my take on the World Percussion 2.0 review.
world percussion 2.0 review

The company who created this library is Evolution Series, they have fantastic products that sound very “real” to the listener compared to live recording in a studio. As percussion libraries are getting more and more popular with so many on the market today, it’s kind of confusing to pick one that you can work with and learn all it’s features.
World Percussion 2.0 has many great features that you can create amazing loops and single shots on the fly with any style of drumming you percussion 2.0 review
The first feature I thought was awesome, was the MIDI loops it automatically comes packed with. You just have to hold your finger down on a key and you have one of many grooves you can use in your track. Not only that you have the option of having the percussion mapped singly where you can jam out by using your 10 fingers to visualize your playing a Dhol for example in real time.
Another cool feature is that you have the option to choose single instrument or multi layers. Multi layered instruments makes your percussion sound BIG when you have like 5 different percussion instruments all on the same layered track with once again…hundreds of MIDI grooves to choose from.
Ok cool what else?
Well some more info about World Percussion 2.0 is that it took Evolution Series 5 long years to “perfect” this 2nd edition of World Percussion library
It has 111 instruments to choose from so you will never be bored with creativity or style
It’s a whooping 45 GB of NCW loss less compressed samples
It comes with a FREE Kontakt Player to use this library with
It has the option of up to 10 round robin
Multiple velocities so its a very dynamic instrumental library from quiet to loud realistically
It also has 4 microphone positions which I think is great for the “3-D room” affect
World class scoring stage, the fact says it all…
And did I mention hundreds of MIDI grooves that sound amazing at a click of the mouse
These are the instruments in World Percussion 2.0…CLICK THE PIC to zoom in…

world percussion 2.0 review

When can I hear this library?
I have written a composition to show off the instruments to the full extent. These are “out of the box” instruments that just made me shiver when I first heard what they could do in a performance context.

So I hope you enjoyed this short demo of this library in action.Feel free to check out more videos,audio demos and interviews with the creators and more at
With sample libraries coming out like this I’m sure music composition with Kontakt will definitely increase over time as they are so accurate with little nuances and details, that make up the performance samples captured by great percussion 2.0 review
I always thank Kontakt for creating such a brilliant way of recording the sounds of the world through a keyboard it’s just unreal…
So if you have any questions or you want to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel feel free and in the mean time keep writing and recording music.
And thank you for taking the time to read my World Percussion 2.0 review

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