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“Is it possible to make a living, living?…Absolutely!”
Hello and welcome to my review on World Ventures Australia, you are most probably interested in this company to see if it is “legit” in the network marketing world as well as researching if it is worth putting your time and money into this.
Well… let’s learn about it and understand every aspect of this business model to see if it right for you or not. I am writing as an honest human being sharing my opinions and the facts of this company in an unbiased form.
world ventures australiaWorld Ventures is a network marketing company based in the traveling niche. It first started up by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue in December 2005 in Plano, Texas. Located in Dallas this 38,000 square foot facility has over 200 employees working for them “bettering real people create their dreams into reality”.Still active in 26 countries today, World Ventures generated $11.8m in revenue in 2006 and an astounding $143m in 2013.That is a pretty big increase of exposure and business building in a short time.Here is the proof of the ranking and revenue grossed 2013 according to the DSN Global 100.


So what are the products?

There are membership levels that you choose from based on how much you will use the trips and your budget.

Membership One Off Payment Monthly Payment

DreamTrips Membership $199.95 $26.99

DreamTrips Life Membership $199.99 $54.99

International DreamTrips Life Membership $199.99 $49.98

Luxury DreamTrips Membership $999.99 $99.99

DreamTrips U $99.99 $20.99

Alternative way to stay a member without paying monthly payments

Yes you can be an active member in World Ventures without spending your money on monthly recurring payments by simply referring 4 friends in the first 30 days of you signing up or any time onwards as long as the 4 people you sign up underneath you remain “active” every billing cycle which will allow your monthly fees to be waived. Active means your 4 people are each signing up their 4 people so you qualify for weekly commissions.We live in a world that populates about 7 billion people looking for ways to be happy and free, I don’t think it would be too hard to find 4 people to like where your heading.

Want a BMW?

When you refer 4 people to World Adventures, you then genuinely help those 4 people refer their 4 people until you have at least 20 people underneath you.You then qualify with a monthly bonus of $600 towards a silver BMW of your choice. (as long as those 20 people are still “active”) which still won’t be hard showing the idea to people.Also if you choose not to take the $600 towards a new car you can just put your money to travel points,take the money instead etc, their are options so don’t worry.

The Power of Duplication

To really succeed in this “work for yourself thing”, you need to keep things really simple in regards to duplication. Whatever you do other people will do the same over and over. It’s powerful when you think about how much money you can actually make from this if you do it right.

examples: Marketing your website,face to face,presentations etc.

Compensation Plan

World Ventures comp plan is pretty good I think in regards to “leverage”. Here is a quick video explaining how you get paid by simply telling people about World Adventures.

World Ventures Compensation Plan.pdf

(*You get paid into your account residually…) 🙂

About World Ventures

In a nutshell, why this opportunity/business is taking off like a rocket is because they buy travel experiences such as cruises,hotel bookings,tours of places etc. in bulk which leverages the members to save money when purchasing their travel experiences through World Ventures.They put money back in your pocket of whatever you save due to the fact that they beat prices of other search engine databases.They use Rovia which is their preferred travel agency in booking any trip desired. Rovia have been around for since 1986 and have “power” when it comes to the masses of people wanting the cheapest travel experiences. This is why Wold Ventures use them exclusively.

world ventures australia

Rovia won..




click here to see…

Interesting Facts

The travel industry is worth $8 trillon
In 2010 Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue, the founders of World Ventures, were regional finalists in the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award
World Ventures became #1 MLM travel company
It is privately owned and debt free
It’s “active” in Australia!

What I really like about World Ventures

Price Guaranteed – such as flights,rent a cars,hotels etc. they will beat your quote and pay you 150% of the difference
Rate Shrinker – if you book a flight and it changes price at all, they will adjust your quote,rebook you and refund instantly to make up the difference
Dreamtrips – pay 2 – 3 star rates for 4 – 5 star hotels, if you book a dream trip and find that same dream trip cheaper within 7 days of going they will refund your money and send you on the dream trip,very cheap packages
Travel bucks -when you book on your own website you earn travel bucks, example when you book through a travel agency they usually earn some money from you for their service.
Helping others while traveling – You tell others about what your doing and help other people earn residual income

World Ventures Australia

My Opinions

After researching World Ventures endlessly to find the real truth about it and personally knowing people who joined and have results, I find that I definitely feel that this is a “wayout” to not only save money, create true wealth residually, create priceless memories, have all the time in the world, but help other people live their dreams as you ride the wave of life. Seeing people attain their goals and dreams is a powerful,inspirational thing. It is more than showing people this model but moving foward and allowing the journey to be colorful and happy while having fun with it. I think with what I know about it now I believe that this will change more people’s lives and also more Australian’s. World Ventures shows the population to think outside the box and take action with aligning faith with action.I am really happy World Ventures with what I have seen and heard.

If you have liked this so far I encourage to watch this free video presentation from World Ventures (Australia)

World Ventures is a network marketing company in the travel/hospitality niche.It has generated $143m revenue in 2014 and is active in Australia RIGHT NOW!

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